06. Bullying - The Power to Cope (years 4 - 9)

This prevention mental health cognitive-behavioural program provides students with strategies they can use when faced with bullying behaviour and other types of anti-social behaviour.

Recently published research has shown that this program has a powerful impact on strengthening students’ cognitive and emotional responses to bullying.

Delivery of this course is flexible and can be taught to classroom-sized groups of students or used with individual students who are currently being victimised by bullying.

The course consists of 4 lessons that include four animated videos covering four elements

  • Part 1. Bullying and its impact

  • Part 2. Thinking makes it so (can be presented over two class periods)

  • Part 3. Things to say and do

  • Part 4. Coping in action

Each of the four parts contains discussion topics, activities and a list of materials needed for running the group activities.

This program can be incorporated into school timetables. Alternatively, one session can be developed with students being shown the complete animated video program supplemented by activities drawn from the material in the teacher's guide.

AuthorMichael E. Bernard
Target AudienceTeachers and mental health practitioners of middle/upper primary and lower/middle secondary students
  • Teacher Curriculum Guide
  • Downloadable student handouts
  • A 16 minute, four-part animation
Price$190 ANNUAL SCHOOL LICENSE (from date of purchase)
If you have questions Contact You Can Do It! Education
Toll-Free 1800 155 603
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