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01. YCDI! Early Childhood Program Achieve, 3rd Ed. (Ages 3 - 6 yrs+)

The new third edition of this extremely popular online digital program now includes specific suggestions for teaching young children 3-4 years of age. These suggestions appear within the 32 lesson plans.

The program teaches the positive attitudes and social-emotional skills that develop young children's resilience, confidence, persistence, organisation and getting along. A team of teachers experienced in social-emotional learning along with Professor Michael Bernard have contributed many new lessons.

Two short animations which introduce young children to Ricky Resilience, Connie Confidence, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organisation and Gabby Get Along.

The program includes a scope and sequence of 32 weekly lessons (8 lessons per school term) with each lesson consisting of learning intentions and success criteria. Lessons teach young children the Personal and Social Capabilities as described in the ACARA Personal and Social Capability learning continuum for Foundation Year and listed at the beginning of each lesson.

It also includes a Survey of Young Children's Social and Emotional Skills covering different aspects of

  • Confidence (work, social, non-verbal), Persistence (work, chore),
  • Organisation (goal orientation, active listening, time management, taking care of things),
  • Getting Along (peer interaction, behavioural responsibility, conflict resolution, positive classroom behaviour, social responsibility), and
  • Resilience (emotional self-regulation, behavioural self-control). A summary profile is also provided. 

Ideal for surveying all students or 'at risk' students during the middle of the school year and at the end. Great source of information for parent-teacher conferences.

The YCDI! Education Early Childhood Program is part of the New Program Achieve - Primary program. Please see our separate catalogue listing if you would like to learn more about and purchase the NEW Program Achieve social and emotional curriculum (Years 1 – 6).

AuthorsMichael E. Bernard
ContributorsKristy Bedford, Chelsea Challman, Leah Koen, Heather Leary, Jessica Saunders and Patricia Bernard
Target AudienceTeachers of young children in Kindergarten and Foundation Year
  • 32 digital lessons (8 lessons per term)
  • Two digital, short animations introducing students to 5 social-emotional skills
  • Five hand puppets (posted separately)
  • 15 downloadable posters
  • Five downloadable songs
  • An updated Parent Guide with four parent education talks, handouts and guidelines demonstrating how parents can support their child's social-emotional learning at home
  • A Survey of Young Children's Social and Emotional Skills covering different aspects of Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along and Resilience. A summary profile for each student's development is also provided.
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