T7. Parent Talk - Parent Stress Management and Resilience


At your school, a YCDI! Education Trainer can present a parent education session to groups of parents/caregivers of children of all ages. These engaging and informative presentations include handouts, discussion and interactive activities.

In this talk, participants will learn:

  1. How to stay calm and be resilient when facing adverse situations with their children.
  2. To recognise a range of adverse situations that arise with their children that have the potential for pushing their emotional buttons.
  3. About typical negative emotions, parents may experience when facing adverse situations with their children.
  4. How their own thinking — and not their children’s behaviour — has a significant influence on how calm or stressed they are in the face of adversity.
  5. To identify stress-creating thoughts and how to replace stress-creating thoughts with those that lead to greater control and calmness.
  6. To keep adverse events with their children in perspective (not blow things out of proportion).
  7. The importance of accepting themselves, and not putting themselves down, when things are not going well with their children or when faced with a negative aspect of their own parenting.
  8. Be able to identify a variety of different things they can do to be resilient.

Target AudienceParents & Guardians of children of all ages
Delivery60-90 minute sessions offered during or after school/early evening by a YCDI! Education Trainer
Price*$495 per session
*Price does not include GST or travel expenses for Trainer
BookingContact You Can Do It! Education
Toll Free 1800 155 603

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