09. Bullying - The Power to Cope

This program is designed for parents and children (aged 8 - 14) going through the four sessions together.

Divided into four parts, this program consists of short animated videos, information and discussion topics (in the Parent Guide) designed to teach young people ways to emotionally and behaviourally respond to different types of bullying (physical, verbal, isolation, cyber) in a positive, confident and assertive way.

The animated video depicts incidents of bullying through the lives of three students confronted with the realities of bullying.

  • The four parts include
  • Part 1. Bullying and Its’ Impact
  • Part 2. Thinking Makes It So
  • Part 3. Things to Say and Do
  • Part 4. Coping in Action
It is recommended that you preview the video to ensure the content and references suit your child.

AuthorMichael E. Bernard
Target AudienceChildren aged 9 - 14 years
  • Animated 17 minute video
  • Parent guide
Price$ 39.95 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (from date of purchase)
This item is for individual parent purchase only. Please see our School Resources for school-based parent education.

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