05. YCDI! Motivational Audio Elearning Series (for older children and adolescents)

Motivational, confidence and resilience-building programs children and adolescents can listen to on their phone, tablet or computer.

Eight motivational and informative 15-20 min audio programs that cover

  1. Boosting your confidence,
  2. Motivating yourself,
  3. Developing self-acceptance,
  4. Setting and achieving goals,
  5. Managing your time and getting yourself organised,
  6. Controlling exam anxiety and stress,
  7. Making friends and reducing social anxiety, and
  8. Managing your anger and behaving assertively.

AuthorMichael E. Bernard and Patricia C. Bernard
Target AudienceChildren ages 12 years +
Contents 8 Audio programs
Price$19.95 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (from date of purchase)
This item is for individual parent purchase only. Please see our School Resources for school-based parent education.

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