T8. Parent Talk - The Parenting Style that Matters Most


At your school, a YCDI! Education Trainer can present a parent education session to groups of parents/caregivers of children of all ages. These engaging and informative presentations include handouts, discussion and interactive activities.

In this talk, parents will learn the importance of:

  1. Being authoritative in their approach with their children rather than aggressive or passive.
  2. Firmly communicating realistic, high, and clear expectations to their children concerning achievement and behaviour.
  3. Setting home rules and consequences can help them help their children achieve high standards and make good behavioural choices.
  4. Being consistent and persistent in enforcing rules.
  5. Accepting their children when their children do not live up to ’parents’ expectations concerning achievement and behaviour.
  6. Teaching children to not put themselves down when they have not achieved in their schoolwork or have behaved poorly.
  7. Teaching their children to accept themselves, while working to improve their achievement and behaviour.

Target AudienceParents & Guardians of children of all ages
Delivery60-90 minute sessions offered during or after school/early evening by a YCDI! Education Trainer
Price*$495 per session
*Price does not include GST or travel expenses for Trainer
BookingContact You Can Do It! Education
Toll Free 1800 155 603

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