T5. Student Workshop - Bullying: The Power to Cope


Presented by a YCDI! Education trainer, this workshop combines animated video, discussion topics and group activities, students learn rational self-talk and coping skills to deal with teasing, bullying and other forms of anti-social behaviour. They learn to use the following four-step strategy when faced with bullying: 

Step 1. Use positive self-talk

Step 2. Communicate to bully that you are not being hurt

Step 3. Find friends

Step 4. Seek professional help

Target AudienceStudents in Years 4 - 9
DeliveryFull day or 2 x half-day sessions for students in years 4 – 9 presented at your school by a YCDI! Education Trainer
Price*$1250 full day session
$750 x 2 half-day or twilight sessions
*Price does not include GST or travel expenses for Trainer
BookingContact You Can Do It! Education
Toll Free 1800 155 603

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