02. YCDI! Positive Parent Program for parents of children ages 0 - 7

This annual subscription includes access to a large variety of informative elearning programs on positive and effective parenting as well as downloadable articles that present information on important parenting topics for parents of younger children aged 0 - 7 years.

Included in this subscription

Short e-learning Parenting Programs

  1. The Power of Parent Self-Talk 
  2. The Authoritative Parent
  3. Teaching Children Self-Discipline 
  4. To Spank or Not to Spank 
  5. Teaching Very Young Children Positive Behaviour using Positive Reinforcement 
  6. Flourishing Tree: Fun and empowering actions to help children thrive 
  7. A Family Discusses the Five Keys to Success and Happiness 

Longer, elearning Parenting Programs

  1. The Five Keys to Children’s Success and Happiness 
  2. The Parenting Strengths of Highly Effective Parents

Parent Insight Articles

  1. What does it mean to be a parent? 
  2. Babies and crying 
  3. Responsive parenting 
  4. Temperament and childhood behaviour 
  5. Childhood and social and emotional development 
  6. From nurturance to setting limits 
  7. Development of social and emotional strengths 
  8. Steps to parents managing stress 
  9. Becoming a happy, flourishing parent 
  10. Parenting strengths that make a difference 
  11. Five keys that unlock your child’s potential 
  12. Flourishing Menu: daily actions 

AuthorsMichael E. Bernard
Target AudienceParents and guardians of children aged 0 - 7 years
  • 8 elearning programs
  • 12 parenting articles
Price$29.95 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (from date of purchase)
This item is for individual parent purchase only. Please see our School Resources for school-based parent education.

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