09. Coaching Teachers and Parents to Build Social-Emotional Strengths of Students with Achievement, Behaviour and Mental Health Issues 

This step-by-step program provides a complete set of tools (steps, surveys, coaching advice) which can be used with teachers and parents when a student has been identified by school staff as being ‘at risk’ experiencing a significant social-emotional blocker (anger-misbehaviour, anxiety, feeling down, not paying attention, procrastination).

The sections of this coaching program include

I. Background: Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching

II. Coaching Program

  • A. Pre-requisites for Coach

  • B. 6-step Coaching Program


Step 1. First Meeting. Evaluation of Student's Social-Emotional Needs (surveys completed). Relationship Building. Setting Goals

Step 2. Second Meeting. Coaching Teachers and Parents

Step 3. Brief Contact. Progress Monitoring

Step 4. Third Meeting. Additional Goals and Further Coaching

Step 5. Brief Contact. Progress Monitoring

Step 6. Final Meeting. Evaluation of Progress (surveys completed)

III. Coaching Student Social-Emotional Strengths

  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Organisation
  • Getting Along
  • Resilience

IV. Appendices, Social-Emotional Surveys and Blockers

  • Screening Survey (Teacher Form)
  • Screening Survey (Parent Form)
  • Summary -Survey of Student Social-Emotional Strengths (Teacher Form)
  • Survey of Student Social-Emotional Strengths (Parent Form)
  • Summary Profile of Student's Social-Emotional Strengths

Author Michael E. Bernard
Target Audience Psychologists, counsellors, student wellbeing/welfare and others concerned with the development of individual behaviour management and learning programs and who provide support to teachers and parents.
Delivery Digital book (print version no longer produced)
Price $150 ANNUAL SCHOOL LICENSE (from date of purchase)
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