02. Program Achieve Primary (years 1 - 6)

A Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

The NEW Program Achieve Primary curricula contain lessons that teach attitudes, values/character strengths and social-emotional skills for success, relationships and wellbeing as well as for overcoming social-emotional blockers.

A scope and sequence has been developed based on this framework covering 8 lessons for each of four terms across years 1 to 6 (192 lessons).

The 32 lessons at each year level are organised to be delivered across four terms and cover the following topics:

1. Achievement: Work Confidence (growth mindset), Persistence, Organisation and Teamwork

2. Relationships: Values, Character Strengths and Getting Along Skills

3. Well-being. Resilience and Happiness (awareness, self-management, ABCs of emotions, cognitive restructuring, mindfulness) and

4. Social-Emotional Blockers: awareness and management of anger, not paying attention, procrastination, worry, feeling down.

Program Achieve has been recognised by the Australian government’s KidsMatter Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative as being a ‘best practice’ program meeting all essential criteria including evidence from research of effectiveness.

Lessons have been created based on the following framework.

Each social-emotional learning lesson addresses one or more aspects of the ACARA national curriculum's Personal and Social Capabilities.

The New Program Achieve curriculum has been written by 10 highly experienced teachers in social and emotional learning, along with Professor Michael Bernard.

Each lesson begins with a statement of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria followed by a lesson plan that includes the following elements:

1. Engage students

2. Share learning intentions and success criteria

3. Explicit teaching

4. Student activities

5. Students demonstrate success criteria and reflect

6. Weekly goal setting challenge

7. Coaching Points for the Week

This program is available online with teachers accessing digital lessons and being able to download Teacher Guides and Student Worksheets and a set of five hand puppets featured in the YCDI! Early Childhood Program Achieve (2nd Edition): Connie Confidence, Pete Persistence, Oscar Organisation, Gabby Get Along, Ricky Resilience

"We have found the You Can Do It program to be of even greater relevance during the COVID-19 remote learning period, in supporting the emotional wellbeing and resilience of our students. Thank you for the great resources!"
Karen Hodgkins, Leading Teacher of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Mount Martha Primary School

AuthorsMichael E. Bernard
ContributorsKirsty Bedford, Tammy-Anne Caldwell, Chelsea Challman, Heather Leary, Elisha McDonald, Margaret Milne, Tara Murphy, Meg Roche, Estelle Salagaras, Jessica Saunders and Sujata Symons
Target AudienceTeachers of primary age students, years 1 - 6
DeliveryDigital (print version no longer produced)
  • 192 Lessons (scope and sequence contains weekly lessons covering four terms for every year level 1 - 6) 
  • Online lesson plans, Teacher Guide and downloadable Student Worksheets
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